Course objectives and deliverables


  • To be able to relax in a calm but focused state despite G-forces and other things going on in your flight
  • To prepare for the psychological challenges of different flight phases
  • To focus mental acuity and concentration in order to accomplish mission
  • To create strategies to deal with relationships with other passengers in order to resolve conflicts and maximize experience 


  • To learn what a peak experience is and how to create the conditions to achieve one during their space flight
  • To learn how to use Brainwave Entrainment to anchor a calm focused state which can be re-activated during their space flight
  • To learn the “Situational Awareness Flow Protocol”  © for each flight phase and the appropriate response to stay fully present during high stress periods of the flight 
  • To be able to create solutions to overcome conflicting objectives with other passengers on their flight
  • To prepare for their future role as social ambassadors when they return from their flight


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