A useful experience, and underestimated niche by spaceliners!

Joost Wouters: Commercial Space Analyst


Spaceflight Tourists, without this training, will lead to unhappy customers, as people will go up with counterproductive expectations and will get in each other’s way”. For the full experience and enjoyment of your flight, this training is a must!

Artemis Westenberg: President and founder Explore Mars, Inc.


Inner Space Training understands that unless commercial astronauts prepare for the psychological and emotional aspects of space flight, they won't be able to master its physical demands. This course approaches the marvelous new experience of commercial space flight, holistically, and thus, fills a huge gap in the market

Lisa Lipkin: Story Strategist Founder, Storystrategies


The words “Inner Space” really appealed to me because I thought, “Yeah, this is not only very interesting for space based journey’s but it can be also very practical for my work”.
Nynke Feenstra: Entrepreneur and Space Enthusiast

I gained an unique insight into techniques that you can use to calm your mind and make the most out of the wonderful experience that I am expecting to have.
Caitriona Rush: Expedition Adventurer to Antarctica and Space Enthusiast

I would recommend this training to everybody, not only to space enthusiasts but also people who want to get connected. In the current astronaut training program, people are focusing too much on the scientific purposes instead of integrating the spiritual and the intuitive part of it.
Nancy Vermeulen: Commercial Pilot Trainer & Astronaut Candidate European Space Agency (ESA)

I would say that it should be compulsory. There’s no doubt in my mind that everybody who goes up has to follow this course!
Peter Grabau: Entrepreneur and Space Enthusiast

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