Astronauts are not the only people using Brainwave entrainment. High performance athletes,  are also using alpha waves to better their performance and keep them in “the zone”. In fact, the Dutch Olympic Committee (NOC) has recently published an article claiming that many of their Olympic athletes who have gone to the London 2012 Olympics have used brainwave entrainment and are convinced that their performance has improved dramatically as a result.  Canadian and American athletes are also using it.

For the article, in Dutch, click here.

Increasingly, we are seeing good ideas and tools, which are used from one high performance environment in another. MindSpa is the tool that Inner Space Training uses for training its commercial astronauts. We have tested MindSpa and its effectiveness to produce the results we want, for our customers and can recommend it as an effective and easy to use tool to bring about the changes in performance  and focus we are looking for.
The business world can also benefit from using MindSpa by improving an individual’s personal mastery and help create high performing teams.

There are several possible types of training, which we also offer for the business environment:

1) Introduction to Peak Performance for Executives: A 2-hour experiential training about understanding high performance and how that starts in your brain. MindSpa will be introduced, in a team setting to build and execute the group’s high performance goals. Inquire about our rates and the possibility to rent or buy MindSpas for your team.

2) Training for Peak Performance – A 4-hour team building experiential training for Executives or Management teams using MindSpa along with a recommended training program for the team to continue practicing after the training. with follow up. Performance will be measured over time on both the group and individual level.  Inquire about our rates and the possibility to rent or buy MindSpas for your team.

3) Peak Performance Coaching: Maximizing your own performance- A 1 hour introduction to peak performance with the possibility to demo MindSpa. This can be done in a small or larger group setting.  Cost is € 400 excluding V.A.T within the Netherlands plus the cost of renting/buying the MindSpas.

4) Just want to buy a MindSpa for your own personal use? That’s also possible! As we are a premium MindSpa vendor, we can offer a reduced rate at   € 275 (includes 21% V.A.T.) plus shipping costs. Shipping within the Netherlands is € 7.95.

5) If you want to rent the MindSpa for a week, the week rate is € 50 plus shipping costs. If after trying, you decide that you want to buy it, then the full rental price will be deducted from the retail price and you pay only € 240.


To inquire about any of these five options, please contact us.

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