Flight Readiness Assessment

Do you have the psychological “right stuff” for your space flight or extreme expedition?

We can help you learn more about yourself by way of our “Flight Readiness Assessment” which will give you insights about the areas needing additional focus to get yourself mentally in top shape for your spaceflight or expedition. By assessing your mental readiness and then taking appropriate steps to overcome any shortcomings, you will optimize your enjoyment and not have to worry that you won’t perform during those “precious minutes”.

The results of the assessment will be analyzed by Dr. Frank Lawlis and associates. Dr. Lawlis is the mentor to Dr. Phil and chief adviser to the Dr. Phil Show.

Only 30 minutes of your time will afford you the opportunity to gain full confidence by identifying potential issues which are problematic so that you can address them well ahead of your spaceflight or expedition. You can look ahead to a totally transformative experience without having doubts about yourself or anyone else. Here are some of the reasons you may want to understand more about yourself that is relevant in order to achieve success for your mission to space:

Ability to deal with uncertainty
General stress levels
Stress management abilities
Self assuredness
Your relationship to leadership
Respect for authority
Cognitive flexibility
Need for order

For space flight operators and expedition leaders, who are taking individuals or groups on extreme adventures, this assessment will also help you identify any “high risk” customers, in order to be prepared before the trip to ensure yours and other people’s safety in the group.

Take the assessment and find out what you can do to become a top caliber astronaut…

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