Astronauts are not the only people using Brainwave entrainment. High performance athletes,  are also using alpha waves to better their performance and keep them in “the zone”. In fact, the Dutch Olympic Committee (NOC) has recently published an article claiming that many of their Olympic athletes who have gone to the London 2012 Olympics have used brainwave entrainment and are convinced that their performance has improved dramatically as a result.  Canadian and American athletes are also using it.

For the article, in Dutch, click here.

Increasingly, we are seeing good ideas and tools, which are used from one high performance environment in another. MindSpa is the tool that Inner Space Training uses for training its commercial astronauts. We have tested MindSpa and its effectiveness to produce the results we want, for our customers and can recommend it as an effective and easy to use tool to bring about the changes in performance  and focus we are looking for.
The business world can also benefit from using MindSpa by improving an individual’s personal mastery and help create high performing teams.

There are several possible types of training, which we also offer for the business environment:

1) Introduction to Peak Performance for Executives: A 2-hour experiential training about understanding high performance and how that starts in your brain. MindSpa will be introduced, in a team setting to build and execute the group’s high performance goals. Inquire about our rates and the possibility to rent or buy MindSpas for your team.

2) Training for Peak Performance – A 4-hour team building experiential training for Executives or Management teams using MindSpa along with a recommended training program for the team to continue practicing after the training. with follow up. Performance will be measured over time on both the group and individual level.  Inquire about our rates and the possibility to rent or buy MindSpas for your team.

3) Peak Performance Coaching: Maximizing your own performance- A 1 hour introduction to peak performance with the possibility to demo MindSpa. This can be done in a small or larger group setting.  Cost is € 400 excluding V.A.T within the Netherlands plus the cost of renting/buying the MindSpas.

4) Just want to buy a MindSpa for your own personal use? That’s also possible! As we are a premium MindSpa vendor, we can offer a reduced rate at   € 275 (includes 21% V.A.T.) plus shipping costs. Shipping within the Netherlands is € 7.95.

5) If you want to rent the MindSpa for a week, the week rate is € 50 plus shipping costs. If after trying, you decide that you want to buy it, then the full rental price will be deducted from the retail price and you pay only € 240.


To inquire about any of these five options, please contact us.

Flight Readiness Assessment

Do you have the psychological “right stuff” for your space flight or extreme expedition?

We can help you learn more about yourself by way of our “Flight Readiness Assessment” which will give you insights about the areas needing additional focus to get yourself mentally in top shape for your spaceflight or expedition. By assessing your mental readiness and then taking appropriate steps to overcome any shortcomings, you will optimize your enjoyment and not have to worry that you won’t perform during those “precious minutes”.

The results of the assessment will be analyzed by Dr. Frank Lawlis and associates. Dr. Lawlis is the mentor to Dr. Phil and chief adviser to the Dr. Phil Show.

Only 30 minutes of your time will afford you the opportunity to gain full confidence by identifying potential issues which are problematic so that you can address them well ahead of your spaceflight or expedition. You can look ahead to a totally transformative experience without having doubts about yourself or anyone else. Here are some of the reasons you may want to understand more about yourself that is relevant in order to achieve success for your mission to space:

Ability to deal with uncertainty
General stress levels
Stress management abilities
Self assuredness
Your relationship to leadership
Respect for authority
Cognitive flexibility
Need for order

For space flight operators and expedition leaders, who are taking individuals or groups on extreme adventures, this assessment will also help you identify any “high risk” customers, in order to be prepared before the trip to ensure yours and other people’s safety in the group.

Take the assessment and find out what you can do to become a top caliber astronaut…

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Fear of Flying

Do you have a fear of flying? Do you have a persistent and excessive fear triggered by flying or the thought of flying? As many as 20 to 40 percent of people are apprehensive about flying, and around 7 percent of the population have such an acute fear of flying that it prohibits them from being able to enjoy the flight experience or being able to fly at all. Fear of flying is more common in females and begins most often in childhood or in the mid-20s.

Cure in 1 day

We at Inner Space Training have a way of curing people who would like to overcome the fear of flying within one day. We do this using sound therapy in conjunction with Dr. Frank Lawlis, mentor to Dr. Phil and world class expert in Clinical Psychology and Neuroplacticity. Dr. Frank Lawilis, and his son T. Frank Lawlis have created a device called the Bio Acoustical Utilization Device (BAUD) to eliminate fears and addictions. Dr. Mindy Howard has been personally trained by Dr. Frank Lawlis to use the device. Combined with Dr. Mindy Howard’s background in working with commercial astronauts, the BAUD complements the Inner Space Training tool kit.

How does it work?

First, a personal consultation with Dr. Mindy Howard will identify your personal difficulties with thoughts around flying. Focusing on the feelings associated with these, she will guide you to "tune into" your individual stress source by adjusting the frequency dials, and then listen to the BAUD's frequency-separated sonic waves. This specially generated sound induces a third frequency, known as a "binaural beat," deep within your brain. This phenomenon helps you actually shift your brainwave patterns, creating a mental state that facilitates the release of stress and fears. The BAUD has a 98 percent rate of effectiveness. To see how a typical session would look like to cure the fear of flying, as shown on the Dr. Phil and Oprah programs, click here (regional restriction / video only available in the US).

Which personalized program is best for you?

1) Individual program:
Dr. Mindy Howard will fly from a U.S. airport, (typically New York) to meet you at your local airport where consultation and the sound therapy session will take place. This session can take up to a few hours depending on your personal circumstances surrounding the fear. After the session, you will be tested on the ground to check the success of your therapy. The cost of this session will be $1500.00 (excluding V.A.T.) plus the cost of round trip airline travel and ground transportation for Dr. Mindy Howard to your location.

2) VIP program:
Dr. Mindy Howard will fly from a U.S. airport, (typically New York) to meet you at your local airport where consultation and the sound therapy session will take place. After that Dr. Mindy Howard will accompany you while you test the success of the therapy in-flight. This can be done either by having a charter flight arranged on the same day, to and from your local airport, or you can book a round trip flight from your location and travel together with Dr. Howard back to New York or her next destination. The cost of this program is $2000 (excluding V.A.T) plus the cost of the round trip air travel and ground transportation for Dr. Howard and your own travel expenses.

Prices are available upon request, and will reflect the costs of airplane travel and ground transportation to your location for Dr. Howard, as well as your own costs.

To take one step further towards flight enjoyment, click here to contact Dr. Mindy Howard about the program.

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